How We Serve:

Pastoral Care


Pastoral care is a very big part of our focus.  Less than 50% of all Pastors will last 5 years in the ministry.  The statistics are staggering and very few of them encouraging.  Pastors are suffering worldwide. Overworked and overburdened, these vital members of our communities and body of Christ need a place of respite and care where they can safely talk, pray, and seek healing, restoration and rejuvenation.

We know what it’s like to carry the weight of ministry with no support and no one to talk to in our own personal struggles.  It’s an impossible task.  Pastors are regular people that face real doubts, fears, and hardships.  Tragically this is often at the hands of their own misguided flock.

Hope House is a safe place for ministers and their families to get away for a few days and simply be served and be poured into.  Hope House is located in a quiet HOA with water access, fishing piers and a pool.

Outside the community and just a few minute’s drive away are multiple riverfront parks, pavilions and walking paths, boardwalks and small community wading beaches.  Downtown is full of quaint shops, restaurants and our very own community Ice Cream shop.

Regular Shopping and groceries are also readily available for anything you may need during your stay.

We are currently able to accommodate an individual, a couple or a small family.  We currently do not have the room to host multiple families at a time or for periods longer than one week.  Each individual or family will be considered on a case by case basis so that we can determine how they might best be served.

Please note: The Branches have 2 very well behaved dogs

Pastors Wives and Women in Ministry

women together

Women are movers and shakers in families, communities, schools and churches.  They are positioned by God to have tremendous influence on those around them and the enemy goes out of his way to oppress and suppress our women of faith. Hope House aims to host and facilitate monthly gatherings where Pastor’s wives and women in ministry in the local community may come together in Worship, Prayer and Encouragement.  Hope House aims to provide a place of Grace and safety, where these women can be open and transparent and truly ministered to by the Holy Spirit and each other.

Please note: The Branches have 2 very well behaved dogs

Preaching and Teaching

Erin and Dale Branch

Founding Board Members Dale and Erin Branch are 2nd generation Messianic Jewish Believers, lived several years in Israel and are uniquely qualified to teach the Word of God from a Messianic Jewish understanding.  Dale and Erin have been married for over 20 years, raised 2 special needs children and bring a down to earth perspective on marriage, life, and parenting.  Erin has authored a devotional based on her own life experiences raising their children and family.  They are available for preaching and teaching engagements at churches, faith based events, and conferences.